About Us

About Us


DELICATE LEARNING aims at becoming one of the top leading providers of Professional Certification Training, and other skill training in the field of IT, Management, Software Development, Project Management, Quality Assurance, Cyber Security and many more

Being a partner to some of the top certification bodies, our organization works at facilitating quality training to professionals worldwide. DELICATE LEARNING has its online learners in more than 80 countries including America, Canada, Europe and Asia Pacific region. It has a track record of training thousands of professionals successfully via classroom and online training.

Since the beginning, our organization is dedicated towards holistic learning and growth methodologies by engaging learners and experienced faculty and facilitating the individuals and corporates with high quality training materials, which in turn has helped professionals to achieve their career goals.

DELICATE LEARNING welcomes you to join our programs which is helping professionals acquire the skills of their choice in upgrading themselves.


To develop high calibre leaders and practitioners through inventive learning. Or DELICATE LEARNING shall be the top leading providers of Professional Certifications in a knowledge and skill driven world.


To maintain a tradition of excellence, nurture talented people and make them world class Top professionals in a rapidly changing and digitally enabled world.


To inculcate the values of Integrity, Excellence, Perseverance and Courage in all.


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